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Street BOX

In a world run by money, we forgot how important real art is. In this project I want to show a combination of street art, fashion and art of freezing a moment, so called 'photography'. Everyone wants money, but after realizing that our goal is only to get more and more money, we lose the joy of life. That's what I want to show by storytelling in this photoshoot. It starts innocently, then it gets funny throwing money around, but then comes boredom and realizing it means nothing at the end. I'm a person full of contrast and by the colors used to build I want to show a kind of ying yang ideology. On the right wall you can find quotes of rappers from New York, and on the left side you can find quotes of rappers from Los Angeles, it, a tibute for Hip Hop and konwledge of this culture. This symbolizes an internal war which all of us have to come through at least once in our lifetime, just like a competition between east and west coast. On the back wall You can find a window and an eye looking through it, which symbolizes God's view on our representation of feelings through art. Sometimes we close our feelings, like in a small box and the only way to escape is to express ourselves in art.  I hope YOU enjoy this life ride through life as well as you enjoy watching that "freezed frames", so thank you for stopping by and for the Love of Hip Hop, spread some love around. Peace!

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